29 April 2011

I threw this on facebook, figured I'd throw it up here too. This is a WIP of a self-portrait I'm working on. I'm painting myself as a Hessian Jaeger. The face needs some more definition and there's going to be a background.

Huge inspiration for this. Love the military drums!

27 April 2011

An 8 minute speedpaint exercise. I think I'm finally getting the hang of this.

25 April 2011

This is an icon I made for my friend's iphone app. This was the final version, the one he picked. Made in Illustrator.

I was having a discussion with my friend in an OpenCanvas dual-sketch session about how I (as well as she) found it hard to draw cute things. So I started with a big head and big eyes, which is the cute formula starting point, and then was emerged was this hideous looking monster which properly disturbed the both of us. I should clean this up and make it fancy hahaha.

08 April 2011

I doodle on paper towels when I have a few minutes of downtime at work. Also, I'm nerding out over Reagan Lodge, I'm trying to imitate him.