14 September 2011

My tablet-laptop had some kind of critical error on me that caused it to BSoD. I have no idea what the problem is, but now I have no display on it. Not very happy about this. I also lost some artwork because of this :/

13 September 2011

A digital drawing I did for my friend Brittany's birthday. This was a lot of fun and didn't take too long. Used Photoshop on this one.

12 September 2011

I am not dead! Updates to come soon. Need a day or two to dust off the cobwebs and get things back in order.

22 June 2011

A digital drawing commission for a lovely girl on DA. From beginning to end, it took about 3 hours, which felt like 2 hours too many. I know I can cut that time in half, which is one of my current goals. I'm making a good effort to streamline my process.

21 June 2011

A quick practice doodle with my brush pen. A ninja dude. 5 minutes. He's a little slanted hahaha.

More practicing with watercolors. These were flora still-lifes I did in my backyard while I was resting after skipping rope. My doggie happened to take a rest right in front of me, so I took advantage of the moment.
I'm having difficulties controlling the medium, but I feel like color mixing is making more sense to me. I need to learn to use less water.

20 June 2011

This is a small ink and watercolor sketch of my coworker. Took about 10 minutes out of my 15 minute break. Van Gogh watercolors and brushpen on Moleskine watercolor paper.

16 June 2011

I got home from vacation today, posting will resume shortly, I've got some new stuff to share. Now it's time for sleep as I have a very early shift in the morning.

26 May 2011

I'm experimenting with some new techniques when doing my speedpaints. This one feels like it's heading in a better direction and gives me much more variation. Corel Painter XI, about 20 minutes.

25 May 2011

This piece is based off of the story of Rex Nemoransis. I think I can push the focal point to be a bit more clear, but I'm happy with the way this turned out on the whole. Corel Painter XI.

24 May 2011

These are speedpaint comps for a small personal series I'm working on. A cliff-side, palace-like mausoleum. Each speedpaint took no more than 15 minutes. Corel Painter XI.

23 May 2011

An updated version of my space captain character. The face still feels a bit ambiguous to me. I'm gonna sort that out soon.

Corel Painter XI.

22 May 2011

I'm graduamated now :D

Updates will resume promptly tomorrow and continue until I'm no longer breathing hahaha.

11 May 2011

Finals are next week, so this blog is going to be on a bit of a hiatus until it's all over. Stay tuned!

06 May 2011

Sketchbook page of me having some fun with a giant worm monster. The bottom stuff is just bonus silliness. Ball-point pen.

05 May 2011

This bugged me. This is a commission drawing I did and it was great in sketch form. When I took it into Photoshop to make it digital, it fell apart. On top of that, it took a lot long time, which makes it even more irritating. After looking at some digital drawings of some artists I look up to, I can see where I went wrong. I'm using this drawing as a reminder to use methods that enable to work more quickly with better results.

The patron liked it so all is well. The character is not mine and it belongs to its respective owner.

04 May 2011

When I was working on my Astronomer painting, I started with a completely different idea in mind, one that I still very interested in going back to. These comps represent that vision. It was more along the idea of an Austin Powers-ish evil supervillian labratory. These comps will probably get put to good use in the future.

03 May 2011

Two different subjects today:

This first one is part of a large commission from a patron on DA. Simple sketch commission of his character. HB on 90lbs Canson.

After getting back into playing one of my favorite games (*coughAgeOfEmpiresIIIcough*) I did some readin' up on some of the soldiers the you can use in the game. One of which is a Fusilier. I didn't know much about these guys and it was a fascinating learning experience. Long story short, they were an elite class of soldiers armed with advanced flintlock muskets, which were new during the era latter-ends of the Napoleonic and American Revolutionary Wars. While these are not flintlock muskets, I got interested in flintlocks in general. These are some simple studies and you should expect to see more of them as well as muskets. I've got some plans in mind!

02 May 2011

This is my new watermark I'm gonna slap on my stuff. I may change that B, but other than that, I like it. About 30 minutes in Illustrator.

01 May 2011

Something I did for a friend. Took about 5 hours from sketch to finish and then I decided that it was pointless to go any further. Since there are properties in this that I don't own (*coughBen10andPokemoncough*), this piece is not worth much other than a nice practice, which it was. Not my character, just my art.

Corel Painter XI.

29 April 2011

I threw this on facebook, figured I'd throw it up here too. This is a WIP of a self-portrait I'm working on. I'm painting myself as a Hessian Jaeger. The face needs some more definition and there's going to be a background.

Huge inspiration for this. Love the military drums!

27 April 2011

An 8 minute speedpaint exercise. I think I'm finally getting the hang of this.

25 April 2011

This is an icon I made for my friend's iphone app. This was the final version, the one he picked. Made in Illustrator.

I was having a discussion with my friend in an OpenCanvas dual-sketch session about how I (as well as she) found it hard to draw cute things. So I started with a big head and big eyes, which is the cute formula starting point, and then was emerged was this hideous looking monster which properly disturbed the both of us. I should clean this up and make it fancy hahaha.

08 April 2011

I doodle on paper towels when I have a few minutes of downtime at work. Also, I'm nerding out over Reagan Lodge, I'm trying to imitate him.

19 March 2011

Final version of my mad scientist observatory lab. Still some details that need adjusting. An updated version of that will be posted when it's finished.

Painted in Painter XI.

17 March 2011

Sorry for the hiatus. The usually one-a-day posts will resume shortly.

At the request of my mom and niece, I did this chalk drawing of St. Francis. It was quick and fun. He's about 3.5ft - 4ft big.

03 March 2011

Did this in digital painting class. It's okay. I want to improve the composition a bit more, something about it isn't right.

02 March 2011

Comps for my next digital painting. The bottom one gave me the lightbulb-over-the-head feeling. I'm gonna expand on that one for sure.

01 March 2011

I skipped yesterdays post because I was working into the late hours of the night on this:

Shaggy turned out better than I expected, but I know I can do a better job. I've already started on my next sculpture and it's going to be way more awesome, I can feel it!

27 February 2011

My holiday greeting card with my line-direction board. Acrylics on watercolor paper for the finished product.

My apologies for the lack of updates over the last two days.

24 February 2011

Skull Mountain. This is the final version that went up for critique in my Digital Painting class. There's a handful of improvements that will be made to it, but I'm very pleased with what I've accomplished here. Created in Painter.

23 February 2011

This is an unfinished project from about half a year ago. I did this for an acquaintance's 'contest', mostly because I liked her characters, I'd win some DA points and I knew I'd have fun with it. I wasn't one of the winners (and the ones that did win made me scratch my head in confusion). It never got colored (which wasn't a requirement but it would have looked nicer) and I lost motivation in bothering since I didn't win. I'm interested in coloring it now, but since these aren't my characters, it may not be worth the time/effort as I can't use this for anything other than practice. We'll see.

22 February 2011

N.C. Wyeth mastercopy. This was a truncated version of the original illustration. Graphite, Charcoal and Acrylics on hot-press watercolor paper.

21 February 2011

I played a game with my friend today. We each took turns choosing a song to create 10 thumbnails to. It was mostly our reactions or how we felt about the song and its title, lyrics, sound and/or mood. These are the results.

This first set was done to this song: "Under Control" by System

Done to "I Am The Tower" by Mayhem

Done to "Jesus Christ Porno Star" by Chemlab

Done to "It's Murder" by Mayhem

20 February 2011

My version of Jack and The Beanstalk. Acrylics on hot-press watercolor paper.