03 May 2011

Two different subjects today:

This first one is part of a large commission from a patron on DA. Simple sketch commission of his character. HB on 90lbs Canson.

After getting back into playing one of my favorite games (*coughAgeOfEmpiresIIIcough*) I did some readin' up on some of the soldiers the you can use in the game. One of which is a Fusilier. I didn't know much about these guys and it was a fascinating learning experience. Long story short, they were an elite class of soldiers armed with advanced flintlock muskets, which were new during the era latter-ends of the Napoleonic and American Revolutionary Wars. While these are not flintlock muskets, I got interested in flintlocks in general. These are some simple studies and you should expect to see more of them as well as muskets. I've got some plans in mind!