19 March 2011

Final version of my mad scientist observatory lab. Still some details that need adjusting. An updated version of that will be posted when it's finished.

Painted in Painter XI.

17 March 2011

Sorry for the hiatus. The usually one-a-day posts will resume shortly.

At the request of my mom and niece, I did this chalk drawing of St. Francis. It was quick and fun. He's about 3.5ft - 4ft big.

03 March 2011

Did this in digital painting class. It's okay. I want to improve the composition a bit more, something about it isn't right.

02 March 2011

Comps for my next digital painting. The bottom one gave me the lightbulb-over-the-head feeling. I'm gonna expand on that one for sure.

01 March 2011

I skipped yesterdays post because I was working into the late hours of the night on this:

Shaggy turned out better than I expected, but I know I can do a better job. I've already started on my next sculpture and it's going to be way more awesome, I can feel it!